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Jeff's Koi House is Tampa Bay Area's largest supplier of high quality imported Koi.


Jeff's Koi House
2233 Nursery Rd
Clearwater, Florida 33765

Phone: (727) 517-5274

Welcome to Jeff's Koi House!

Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm; Sun closed

Jeff's Koi House is a supplier of
imported Koi to the Tampa Bay Area in Florida
WE ALSO build and design ponds and offer Pond Maintenance service
! Give us a call today!now is the time for spring pond cleanouts!

See my newest pond build at Jannus Landing (click here)

We have many of imported Koi to choose from. Our selection includes; "A" Grade Imported Koi, "AA" Grade Imported Koi, and ''AAA Imported Show Quality Koi and Domestic Koi. Our koi range from newborn to 24" long. Jeff's Koi House is a Koi dealer and we take pride in selling healthy koi to our customers. Our goal here at Jeff's Koi House is to offer special high quality koi to our customers .

Our Koi are well maintained to make sure that you receive a healthy and happy fish. So let us find your dream koi, go in our contact page an let us know what your looking for, We also offer a wide selection of Water Lilies and Aquatic Plants for your Koi pond.

Thank you for visiting our website, Don't forget to go like us on Facebook! Jeffs Koi House
Stop by and see us or give us a call at:

(727) 517-5274


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