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Jeff's Koi House is Tampa Bay Area's largest supplier of high quality imported Koi.


Jeff's Koi House
2233 Nursery Rd
Clearwater, Florida 33765

Phone: (727) 517-5274


Treatment to help fish recover from injury or illness
Price $0.00 Each

Bio-Bandage® is the first in a line of revolutionary treatments to help your pond, freshwater or marine fishes recover from injuries or disease conditions without negatively impacting their health or environment.  Utilizing a proprietary vitamin-based polymer we can offer longer contact time and more rapid repair than any other neomycin based treatment on the market today.  Ask for the best, ask for Bio-Bandage®!

Key Benefits


Great For Pond Fish


Great For Freshwater Or Marine Fishes


Works On Scale-less Fish Too


More Effective, Convenient & Economical Than A Dip


Less Stressful Than A Dip


Treats Fin Rot


Treats Lesions & Cysts


Treats External, Neomycin-Susceptible, Bacterial Diseases


Up To 165 Treatments Per 1 Oz Bottle


Highly Effective


Reduces Chance Of Resistance Buildup


Longest Contact Time Available Today

Pond Solution™ Sizes:  

1 Oz Gel (71125 - up to 165 treatments for larger fish)

0.25 Oz Powder (71025 - up to 150 treatments for smaller fish)


Directions For Use:  

Store between 50° and 100° F.  Shake vigorously before use.  Never handle fish with dry hands, always sanatize hands before and after handling.

For Wounds On The Body Of The Fish:  Working quickly and carefully, first clean the wound* with a clean cotton-tip swab, cotton ball or paper toweling wrapped around a finger; partically dry the wound taking care to not damage adjacent healthy skin or scales on the fish; next apply enough gel to the cleaned and dried are to completely cover the wound and some surrounding tissue.  Gently return the treated fish to the water; allow the fish to rest with little movement to assure that the mass of the gel stays in contact with the wound for as long as possible.  Apply at least every 24 hours as necessary.

*Cleaning Of Large Wounds:  May require the use of a blunt-tip tweezers or foceps to remove dead and damaged skin or scales or patches of fungal growth.  Follow with swabbing with a cotton-tip swab, cotton ball or paper toweling.  The fish may be returned to the water immediately after cleansing and before the necessary drying of the wound per the instructions above.

For Fin Rot:  Carefully snip away the eroded tissue and apply the gel to the cut edges of the fin.  Be sure to spread the gel down on both sides of the fin at least 1/4" (6mm) from the cut area.

For Lesions & Cysts:  Proceed as for wounds; for raised lesions it may be necessary to re-apply gel more frequently.

Note:  Fish should not be held out of the water more than 30 to 60 seconds.  (non-air breathing fishes begin suffocating as soon as they are removed from the water)  It is necessary to work quickly and efficiently, and it may be necessary for two or more people to assist.  Large fish are quite powerful and must be restrained.  The use of a water-soaked, soft towel can be used to hold and restrain larger fish.  Be careful to never scrape the eyes.  Do not allow excessive amounts of gel to penetrate the fill cavity.  Bio-Bandage® will stain skin, clothing, furniture and flooring as a result of the methylene blue we use as an anticeptic.




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