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Jeff's Koi House is Tampa Bay Area's largest supplier of high quality imported Koi.


Jeff's Koi House
2233 Nursery Rd
Clearwater, Florida 33765

Phone: (727) 517-5274


Pond Supplies

To view our full range of Pond Supplies and Equipment, click here to see our catalogue. All customers recieve a 10% discount when ordering through Jeff's Koi House. For wholesale pricing please contact us at

Here at Jeff's Koi House we carry excellent brands of koi food:

So if your looking for good quality koi food this is were it starts, Koi do great when feeding good quality food , they will grow healthy, digest better , and colors are great . Feed 3 to 4 times a day but only what they can eat in one minute . ( Remove left overs )

Style#(001) Parasite Treatment)

Parasite Treatment
$0.00 more info
Style#(002) Anti-Fungal Treatment)

Anti-Fugal Treatment
$0.00 more info
Style#(003) Amquel)

$0.00 more info
Style#(004) Stress Coat)

Stress Coat
$0.00 more info
Style#(005) Dechlorinator)

$0.00 more info
Style#(006) Gel)

$0.00 more info
Style#(007) Microbe-Lift PL)

$0.00 more info

Treatment to help fish recover from injury or illness
$0.00 more info

Water Prep/Conditioner
$0.00 more info

Treats conditions caused by Anchor Worms and Fish Lice
$0.00 more info
Style#(Hikari Gold)

Color Enhancing Koi Food
$0.00 more info
Style#(Hikari Growth)
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High Growth Formula
$0.00 more info
Style#(Hikari Staple)

Hikari Staple Koi Food
$0.00 more info

For treatment of ich (white spots on koi)
$0.00 more info

Treats Pond Parasites
$0.00 more info

Helps reduce stress and replace slimecoat on Koi
$0.00 more info

Removes Chloramines,Ammonia,Chlorine,Nitrite
$0.00 more info

Jeff's Koi Farm, located in Largo Florida

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