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Jeff's Koi House is Tampa Bay Area's largest supplier of high quality imported Koi.


Jeff's Koi House
2233 Nursery Rd
Clearwater, Florida 33765

Phone: (727) 517-5274


Longfin (Butterfly) Koi


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Style#(ID 516 KIKAKARU 20 inch)

$0.00  $250.00 more info
Style#(Mix Variety of Longfin Koi)
Butterfly koi for sale in Florida,  Butterfly koi St petersburg fl, butterfly Koi clearwater,Butterfly koi in fl, Butterfly koi Tampa bay area, Butterfly koi for sale florida
7 to 8 inch
$0.00  $75.00 more info
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Jeff's Koi Farm, located in Largo Florida

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